David Reyes

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About David Reyes

I’ve always loved houses and enjoyed the experience of moving, simply because of the variety of people and places we got to see. But once I made it to Colorado in 2001, There was no question that I’d found home. Taking care of people has always been something that brought personal fulfillment to me, which led me to many years working for churches and ministries, focusing on pastoral care, teaching and education, and building new programs and ministries from the ground up. My wife, Catherine, and I met and married here in Colorado Springs, and in 2010, we went on an 11 month journey in missions all around the world, serving in countries and cultures far different from our own.
When we returned, I applied my experience toward managing the bookstore and café at Glen Eyrie Castle, directing a department that provided public and private school health courses, and finally working as a client success manager and real estate coach at a local video marketing company called BombBomb. There I actually began working with real estate agents on how to reach clients, build their marketing programs, and improve business production.
I’ve enjoyed several years of growing a successful, client-focused business and I founded The Reyes Team in early 2018 in order to help other agents grow and offer our clients even better service together.
Along with our four children, Catherine and I enjoy exploring Colorado and are actively involved in our church and various non-profits in our community.